At ' Wa Styling-Ya ' ,We specialize in kimono arrangement And styling at your home or hotel within Tokyo’s 23 wards and environs.

Let’s KIMONO experience !!



Kimono Dressing, Hair & Make up, Call out Service

We accept call out service within Tokyo’s23 wards and neighboring areas.
This includes kimono dressing and hair & make up at your home or hotel, etc.


Flow of Service


  • Please contact us by E-mail about your request.
  • We will Estimate the cost based on your email.
    Schedule and confirm place, date and time for service.
  • The reservation is complete.
  • Final confirmation email will be sent to you a few days before the reservation date.
  • We will arrive at the agreed location and complete your requested kimono services.
  • Fees are to be paid after your kimono service is complete.

Preparations for Kimono

For Kimono

For Yukata

  • Kimono
  • Naga-jyuban
  • Obi
  • Obi-age
  • Obi-jime
  • Kosihimo(3~4)
  • Datejime (2)
  • Obi-ita
  • Obi-makura
  • Eri-sin
  • Hadagi
  • Susoyoke
  • Tabi
  • Zouri
  • Towol(2~3)

  • Yukata
  • Yukata-obi
  • Yukata-hadagi
  • Kosihimo(2~3)
  • Datejime
  • Obi-ita
  • Geta
  • Towol(2~3)