Price list

*prices are listed including tax


Kimono dressing Tomesode[Black or Color] JPY 6,050
Houmongi,Komon JPY 5,500
Furisode JPY 8,800
Yukata JPY 3,300
* special obi arrangement JPY 1,100~
Hair arrangement Basic set
( hair is set only - hair washing is not including )
JPY 4,950
Shorthair set JPY 4,400
Yukata hair set JPY 3,300
Japanese [ Nihongami ]
(special classic Japanese hair set )
JPY 6,600~
Kid hair set JPY 2,750
Men's hair set JPY 2,200
Make up Full make up JPY 4,440
Point make up
( customer does their own base, we add eye and lip, etc details)
JPY 3,300
Eyebrow trim JPY 1,100~
Call out fee Tokyo JPY 1,100 + cost of travel
Other areas of Japan negotiable + cost of travel
Extras Hair ornament around JPY 1,000

  • Call out service from JPY 5.000.
  • Early morning call out fee before 9am : additional JPY 1.100 per hour.